So…… many creeps on this site and most of them are people that I ‘befriended’ (which are very few but y’all still never fail to surprise me lol) but whatever my mistake. So I’m just going to leave this bloggity blog like it is aaaaaaaand yeah maybe I’ll come back but otherwise bye lol

Anonymous: awh you're so cute <3

Awh thaaanks haha

Getting my nose pierced on Friday without my mom’s permission but my Dad already said yes so who really cares anymore????

Lol pretty much 99% of the dresses at Met Gala are hideous…

Anonymous: lmao the thing you said about surrey girls is so true! There are so many makeup artists and many of them are absolutely horrible. They don't even have adequate training & everyones basically a slut. fucking surrey man

Hahaha I know! There are a couple that know what they’re doing especially if they got their training, but for the most part, nah b

Call me a hater all you want but literally every girl in Surrey is either a) a model or b) a makeup artist and tbh most of them can’t do shit hahaha the only place for makeup I trust is Pink Orchid, bless them they’re so classy and professional

My Dad made me so mad today y’all…. my mom called me saying my Dad wasn’t picking up her calls and asked me to try and I tried the first five calls and I was like wtf then I texted a couple times and I called like 10 more times and still got no answer so at this point I started getting worried man. I called my brother who was out of the fricking country for a soccer tournament so he just texted him but no r e p l y. And then I started calling the possible places where my Dad could have been BUT ALL THE LINES WERE BUSY AND I WAS LIKE WELL SHIT, JUST MY LUCK. At this point I was like k, I’m just overthinking this and everything is okay his phone probably died or something. So I wait half an hour and call ten more times and still no reply and now I’m literally crying my ass off thinking of every bad situation and my mom shut herself in her room. Then I called our restaurant one more time and MY DAD FRICKING ANSWERED AND I WAS CRYING SO MUCH AND HE WAS LIKE SORRY I LEFT MY PHONE IN THE CAR AND I’VE BEEN SO BUSY HERE LIKE DAD I LITERALLY HAD A HEART ATTACK IT’S BEEN HOURS AND YOU COULDN’T HAVE GONE TO THE PARKING LOT FOR FIVE SECONDS TO GRAB YOUR PHONE.